Nai Lert Butler

Butler School

5 Days Butler Front of House Excellence Programme

The British Butler Institute

5 Days Butler Front of House Excellence Programme


Our Methodology

  • Ascertaining client needs and expectations.
  • Designing training methodologies to match these needs and expectations. Assigning the appropriate training experts for the assignment.
  • Creating customised training material.
  • Training for immediate implementation.


Training Topics

  • Enter VVIP world
  • The Empirical 5 Golden Pillars
  • Professional polished language skills. Professional words and phrases
  • The 15 steps to complete confidence
  • Concierge professional excellence
  • Meet, greet and departures essentials
  • How to deal with a difficult guest the 6 steps.
  • How to deal with a difficult guest the 3 steps.
  • The professional wake-up call
  • Room orientation excellence
  • The excellence of drink service delivery
  • The history of English Afternoon Tea and the set-up and service of traditional High Tea
  • Room check lists
  • Room Turn down excellence
  • Cleaning and polishing shoes
  • Packing and un-packing a suitcase. The efficient way and the timely way
  • Towel folds according to set standards
  • Gown folds
  • Toilet paper folds
  • Dealing with prying guests seeking confidential information
  • How to deal with guest who are not entitled into a VIP area
  • Dealing with a guest that smokes in a non-smoking area
  • Cigars & Cigar Service
  • Wine and champagne expert delivery
  • Spa and gym service excellence and the language of service thereof
  • Pool side service
  • Fine dining table set up 


Training Period

November 27 - December 1, 2023