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Royal Butler Service Essentials Training Program

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Royal Butler Service Essentials Training Program


Our Methodology

  • Ascertaining client needs and expectations.
  • Designing training methodologies to match these needs and expectations. Assigning the appropriate training experts for the assignment.
  • Creating customised training material.
  • Training for immediate implementation.


Course Design

Expert Training will be hands-on demonstrations on the specific skills sets needed to improve staff service levels. Each subject will be discussed, demonstrated, and then role played by all candidates and then immediately implemented in the “real” environment.


Training Curriculum Butler

  • The professional

What makes the consummate professional?

What the professional carries on his or her person and the art of “The delivery of a pen”.

  • Personal presentation

Ahead to toe look at essentials of personal presentation according to your set standards.

  • What makes the best front of house professionals in the world?

Teaching skills on how to be the very best in the world of hospitality.

  • Enter the VVIP World

A lesson to open the mind to the lifestyles and expectations of the wealthy and super wealthy.

  • Understanding the nature of self-confidence

Self-confidence is an unseen quality that is a more accurate yard stick of human performance and happiness. We examine this subject and look at both self-confidence and esteem.

  • Polished language skills

We teach the use of a range of simple yet effective vocabulary. For example, instead of ending a sentence with the cost of a service, the professional should use the word “value” and reiterate its inherent qualities. “The value of this experience is £.”

  • Client profiling to deliver outstanding service every time

One of the most important tools to anticipate our clients’ needs is our teachings on the “client profiling”.

  • Packing and unpacking suitcases

A detailed module on the full complement of skills needed to pack and unpack suitcases.

  • Body Language

Review of body language, facial expressions, verbal expressions, how to stand, how to move, how to present items, carry a tray and door-knocking protocol.

  • Cleaning and polishing shoes

Step by step guide into the care of all shoe types and then the final presentation of the shoe.

  • Eye for detail and delivering on the small details

Developing an eye for detail to bolster customer service quality. Training includes the room checklist.

  • Anticipation and consistency techniques and successful fulfilling of consumer requests

A front of house professional should have a checklist of techniques to anticipate any consumer request, and the skills to deliver on a consistently high level.

  • High tea

English afternoon tea / High tea history / setup and delivery.

  • Meet and greet, departures essentials

A detailed service standard protocol for the meet and greet and departure of the guest.

  • Acting upon nuances of client requirements

Listening to clients and picking up nuances of client requirements and delivering service focusing on “the little details” which make an unforgettable client experience.

  • How to deal with a prying guest

A range of language skills to deal effectively with clients who want confidential information.

  • How to deal with a difficult guest

A 5 step guide to effectively dealing with a difficult guest.

  • How to prepare and serve fresh fruit both buffet and room standards including the added extras 

Correct protocol request of client need and present fresh fruit in the professional path.

  • Spa and gym service excellence and the language of service there of

Checklist essentials / ambience / language of service / profiling / spa services and products knowledge, upselling with finesse, gym setup focusing on the small details.

  • How to open and close doors

Procedure of opening and closing the door correctly.

  • Jacket presentation: Jacket on and off

Precisely receive jacket and rightly present.

  • In Room Dining services essentials

Room services step by step essentials.

  • Pool side service

Techniques and language to deliver fantastic service poolside.

  • Tray set up

Correct protocol for all tray setups.

  • Room and Area checklist 

Correct protocol for check availability status in addition with room status or service place.

  • Room Orientation

Introducing products and services is the art of presentation. Attendances should have the presentable appearance and personality with polished language and suitable gesture.

Course Schedule 

October 26 - 30, 2020